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Boondh Menstrual Cup - Yellow, Standard

Boondh Menstrual Cup - Yellow, Standard cossouqindia
Every Boondh Cup Comes in a Cotton Pouch With a Detailed User Manual. The Cup is Made of Medical Grade Silicone and Lasts for 10+ Years, Good for the Body and the Environment. Boondh Cup Comes in a Standard Size and Fits Most People. It Can Be Used by Menstruators of All Ages, Ranging From 15 Till Menopause During Periods. The Cup Holds Between 15-22 Ml of Blood. Sterilization (in Boiling Water) is Required Only During the Beginning and End of the Menstrual Phase of the Menstrual Cycle. You Can Sleep, Gym, Swim and Do Sports Wearing the Cup. You Don't Need to Remove the Cup While Urinating or/ and Excretion. Please Go Through the Faq in the Description Below.


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